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3 Up, 3 Down…5-11-2012

Posted by JE Powell

Last year I tried a post called, “3 X 3”, but this year I am giving it a new name and changing the order a bit. I am now, as the title of this post suggest, calling it “3 Up, 3 Down” and this time I will have the “Down” part come first so that I can end the post on an “Up.” You know, end on a positive note. I will basically take random games and point out three bad things I saw and three good things about that particular game. So, without further ado…

3 Down

  1. The  Cards lost…so that’s bad.
  2. The bullpen seems to be up to its regular season tricks again. This time it was Kyle McClellan giving up two runs in the 12th inning and getting the loss. This is the fourth time, at least, this season that the bullpen has taken the loss. If they end up pitching like they did last post season, all will be forgiven.
  3. Jaime Garcia had a rough start to the game, but settled down and pitched better. However, he put them in a whole that they couldn’t quite dig themselves out from.

3 Up

  1. Carlos Beltran…wow. He is playing very well right now and he is making the loss of Albert Pujols seem like a great thing (although, Pujols is doing his part to make it look that much better since he is playing like hot, stinky ass).
  2. Allen Craig had come off the Disabled List with a vengeance. He hit another home run last night and has 4 HRs and 12 RBI in 8 games (with a .323 BA). In comparison, Pujols has 1 HR and 11 RBI with a .195 BA in 33 GAMES!
  3. I was very, very wrong. The Cardinals are hitting very, very well and while they may have a hiccup occasionally, they are hitting the hell out of the ball right now, near the top of the NL is many of the offensive categories as a team. Seven runs last night.

The “3 Up, 3 Down” articles are a bit shorter, yes, but I enjoy doing them. So, kick back and watch or listen to a Cardinals game. You’ll be glad you did.


What Pujols Will Make: The Breakdown

Posted by JE Powell

As I have already said, I do not begrudge Pujols because he took the money and ran. I also do not begrudge the Cardinals organization. I was a little tough on Bill DeWitt Jr. and John Mozeliak in the linked (above) article, but I also think one of the big reasons fans are upset is about the fans’ egos (it’s always nice to brag that your team has one of the best players in history). However, I thought it might be fun to break down the second largest contract in baseball ($254 over 10  years) history and see what Pujols will make for doing what. Just to be clear, when doing these numbers I have kept each category separate. The numbers will reflect what Pujols would make per at bat, home run, RBI, etc., not overall. Also, the contract breaks down as an Average Annual Value (AAV) of $25.4 million per year. That’s probably not what he will actually make per year (I would guess there is more money up front and less towards the end of the contract), but I am basing all of my math on $25.4 million per year.

How Much Albert Pujols Makes:

Per Year:

  • $2,116,666.70 per month
  • $69,589.04 per day, 365 days a year
  • $2899.54 per hour, 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year
  • $48.33 per minute, 1440 minutes a day, 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year. Read More…

End of the Road

By Steve Griffith

I have to admit, the Pujols saga, followed by his decision to leave St. Louis, sent me through all the stages of grief in very short order. Not hearing Five Seconds by Canton Jones before seeing #5 batting third is going to be a huge shock for everyone in Cardinal Nation. I have come to the stage of the grief process where I am accepting of the new reality of L.A.P. (Life After Pujols). Of course I say this now, until Opening Day when the third guy in the lineup comes to bat in the first inning. At that point, I’m thinking my grief process will start all over, as I am barraged with memories of the glory days that were. The menacing look on King Albert’s face after an opposing pitcher leaves a fastball up and over the plate; the skyward point after a line drive to right field left him standing on 2nd; the flawless way he and Yadi picked guys off 1st base; but most of all, I’m going to miss his smile. Yes, I know I sound like a scorned lover, and maybe that’s exactly what I am, but you have to admit, when Albert smiled, you smiled too. We all did. We could always feel his excitement, his frustration, or his intensity every time the camera panned over to him. In his smile, you could sense his love of the game, his love of his team, and yes, the love of his fans. The look on Albert’s face told you exactly what was happening in any game.

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The Five Stages of Pujols Leaving

Posted by JE Powell

There are five stages a person (and family members) go through when facing death. I am NOT in any way making light of someone who has to deal with such a terrible ordeal, but I think, to a much lesser extent mind you, that Cardinals fans will deal with the loss of Albert Pujols the same way.


“The Cardinals will be fine without him, they can still win championships.”

While this may be true, I think it may take a few years. Yes, next season the Cardinals will more than likely still compete for the division, but team and fans are going to miss the fear that Pujols causes in opposing teams when he’s at bat. He was one base for Freese and Berkman in WS Game 6 because the Rangers wouldn’t pitch to him.

Berkman may be the new first baseman, but Allen Craig is out 4-6 months after knee surgery and may not be able to play the outfield at the start of the season. He will probably miss Spring Training, too. Pujols leaving does hurt the team.

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Will He Stay Or Will He Go?

Posted by JE Powell

This indecision’s killing us, Pujols, you gotta let us know, will you stay or will you go? OK, so I rewrote a few Clash lyrics and then kind of mixed up the order and the chorus a little but, hey, I write a blog not lyrics.

As I write this, it sounds like the choice is down to (red) birds or fish. St. Louis or Miami. A team that just won world series or team that is doing their best imitation of the New York Yankees. Jim Bowden of MLB Network Radio (I love the show he does with Casey Stern “Inside Pitch” on XM radio) has tweeted that Albert Pujols is deciding between the St. Louis Cardinals and Miami Marlins “period.”  So, the question remains, will he stay or will he go?

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2011 WS Champions DVD Set Review Part 1: The Official Film

Posted by JE Powell

The A&E Home Entertainment/MLB Productions Official 2011 World Series Champion St. Louis Cardinals 2 Disc-DVD Set (from here on out, I will just refer to it as the “DVD Set” because it’s just easier that way) is basically set up in three parts: The Official Film, the Bonus Material, and the entirety of NLDS Game 5 (Carpenter vs. Halladay). So, I have decided to review it that way. I now present to you, Part I: The Official Film.

I think that best review of the movie I can give is that my mother-in-law loved it. She is not a sports fan at all (except for her New Orleans Saints and even that is just a “check the team’s record every few weeks” sort of thing) and while I know she watch parts of a few World Series games, she really didn’t care who won or lost. So, I had just started watching the Official Film on Thanksgiving Day when my mother-in-law came into the room, sat down, and asked what I was watching. I said, “It’s about the Cardinals winning the World Series.” She replied with a simple, “Oh.”

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If I Were Mo

Posted by Steve Griffith

The offseason to a general manager is like September is to a player on a team 8.5 games out of the Wild Card. The chaos begins the day the World Series ends. Which players might the team lose to free agency? Which players do we try to retain the services of for the next season? Which players are we willing to deal if the right trade presents itself?

For John Mozeliak, the regular season is fun and exciting, but I can bet you that night after night of the postseason are sleepless for him. I don’t want to dive into the drama that is the Albert Pujols free agency. Rather, I’d like to analyze some possible free agent pick ups and trades that could keep the defending World Champions fighting for another ring in 2012.

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