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I Was Right! Sort Of…

Posted By JE Powell

Back before the baseball season started, I did a prediction post about how I thought the Cardinals would fare in each series, you can read it here, if you wish. In the second to last paragraph, I said I thought the Cardinals would go 16-11 (plus or minus 11, you know, just to give myself some wiggle room). At the end of April , 2011, the Cardinals are, in fact, 16-11. So, I was right!


I only accurately predicted the outcome of  4 of the 9 series the Cards had in April, for a .444 average. But since this is primarily a baseball blog, a .444 batting average is pretty damn good.

My predictions:

Cards take 2 from the Padres. NOPE! Cards only won one game.

Cards take 2 from the Pirates. NOPE! Pirates took two.

Cards only win one against the Giants. YES! Well more like “yes (frowny face)”. The Cards lost the first two games of the series in the bottom of the ninth. Had they had a pitcher capable of closing a game at that point, they could have swept.

Cards take two of three from the Diamond backs. YES! This was the series when the bats came alive and began to take the National League by storm.

Cards and Dodgers split, 2-2. NOPE! And I am glad I got this one wrong. Cards took 3 of 4 and nearly swept the Dodgers.

Cards win two against the Nationals. YES!

Cards take two of three against the Reds. YES!

Cards sweep Astros. NOPE! They did take two of three from Houston, though.

Cards lose last two games of April to the Braves. NOPE! Another one I am glad to have been wrong on. In fact, the Cards one both of the April games against the Braves.

So, while I may have been below .500 on the predictions that led up to my 16-11 prediction, I was spot on for the overall record.

NL: Go West, Young Man

Posted by JE Powell

Day 4 of the United Cardinal Bloggers Monthly Project-March focuses on the last remaining NL division, the West. Once again, here is my take on how I think the teams will finish.

NL West

1) San Fransisco Giants     93-69

How can I not put the defending World Champions in first place, especially when they look like they have a chance to repeat? A starting rotation that includes Tim Lincecum, Matt Cain, and up-and-comer Madison Bumgarner will give any team fits in a three or four game series. Or in a seven games series.

2) Colorado Rockies     88-74

The Rockies added Jose Lopez to play second base and should rebound from a poor offensive year, which wasn’t surprising since he played for Seattle, team that was last in almost every offensive category last year. They also added RP Matt Lindstrom and SP Felipe Paulino as well as Ty Wiggington, so they should be a slightly improved team this year.

3) Los Angeles Dodgers     85-77

The Dodgers pretty much have the same team as last year, but do have a new manager in Don Mattingly (who looks eerily like Bill Murray). They added Juan Uribe and Jon Garland which should amount to a marginally better record.

4) San Diego Padres     80-82

Trading away Adrian Gonzalez will hurt their run production this season. The Padres won 90 games last season and narrowly missed winning the division, but I just don’t think they have enough bats to have a repeat of last season. Also, out side of Mat Latos and Clayton Richard, I don’t think they have enough pitching either.

5) Arizona Diamondbacks     68-94

Arizona lost 97 games last season I don’t feel they did enough in the off-season to improve that much. They traded strike-out prone/power hitter Mark Reynolds to Baltimore for relief pitching which will help a little and ease the burden on the starters. I see this team as the Pirates of the West this season.

Just to prove my point on Don Mattingly and Bill Murray:

Don Mattingly

Bill Murray

Thanks for reading and tune in tomorrow for Awards Predictions! Same Cards Blog, Same Cards site!