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3 Up, 3 Down…5-11-2012

Posted by JE Powell

Last year I tried a post called, “3 X 3”, but this year I am giving it a new name and changing the order a bit. I am now, as the title of this post suggest, calling it “3 Up, 3 Down” and this time I will have the “Down” part come first so that I can end the post on an “Up.” You know, end on a positive note. I will basically take random games and point out three bad things I saw and three good things about that particular game. So, without further ado…

3 Down

  1. The  Cards lost…so that’s bad.
  2. The bullpen seems to be up to its regular season tricks again. This time it was Kyle McClellan giving up two runs in the 12th inning and getting the loss. This is the fourth time, at least, this season that the bullpen has taken the loss. If they end up pitching like they did last post season, all will be forgiven.
  3. Jaime Garcia had a rough start to the game, but settled down and pitched better. However, he put them in a whole that they couldn’t quite dig themselves out from.

3 Up

  1. Carlos Beltran…wow. He is playing very well right now and he is making the loss of Albert Pujols seem like a great thing (although, Pujols is doing his part to make it look that much better since he is playing like hot, stinky ass).
  2. Allen Craig had come off the Disabled List with a vengeance. He hit another home run last night and has 4 HRs and 12 RBI in 8 games (with a .323 BA). In comparison, Pujols has 1 HR and 11 RBI with a .195 BA in 33 GAMES!
  3. I was very, very wrong. The Cardinals are hitting very, very well and while they may have a hiccup occasionally, they are hitting the hell out of the ball right now, near the top of the NL is many of the offensive categories as a team. Seven runs last night.

The “3 Up, 3 Down” articles are a bit shorter, yes, but I enjoy doing them. So, kick back and watch or listen to a Cardinals game. You’ll be glad you did.



6-19-11 Cards vs. Royals 3X3

Posted by JE Powell

I have done a couple of these 3X3s before and basically I pick a Cardinals game and point out three good things and three bad things about the game.

The Bad:

  1. The worst thing that happened to the Cards in last night’s game was the injury to Albert Pujols. While trying to make a play at first base, Pujols injured his wrist and possibly his shoulder. They will perform tests today to see the extent of the injuries.
  2. Jaime Garcia didn’t get the win.
  3. Fernando Salas had his second blow save of the season.


The  Good:

  1. The Cardinals won the game in the bottom of the ninth with a walk-off home run from Skip Schumaker.
  2. Pujols hit his 17th home run of the season.
  3. The Cardinals won the game.

The most important problem from the game last night was definitely that Pujols was injured. There should be more information coming out today and hopefully if he has to miss time, it will not be for long. The Cards have already had to deal with alot of injuries.